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Origin : Netherlands

Manufacturer: Eska B.V.

Product Name: Eska Board (FSC Recycled 100%)

Characteristic: A three-layer lamination solid board, made of 100% recycled paper. It lays flat, stays flat. We achieve this by using our own lining paper, monitoring the production process at every step, manufacturing under precise humidity levels, the right temperature and under our watchful and critical expertise. Applications such as hardcover books, lever arch files, ring binders, albums, note books, puzzles & board games, displays and luxury packaging.

Specification :

Substance Thickness (mm) Available Paper Size
31” x 43” 35” x 47” 36.5” x 49.5”
790gsm 1.25
945gsm 1.5
1260gsm 2.0
1575gsm 2.5
1890gsm 3.0
2205gsm 3.5
2520gsm 4.0

Product Sizes :